Lorawan and The Things Network

Getting started with Lorawan and The Things Network

TTN Gateway

First impressions of the TTN Gateway.

The TTN Gateway was a Kickstarter project to create a low cost, easily deployed Things Network gateway. I missed the kickstarter but bought one when they became available from Farnell

Updated Privacy Policy

Updated Privacy Policy

Boothstown Repair Cafe

Risch Designs Ltd are supporting the Boothstown Repair Cafe

TTN Gateway Part 2

Further notes

Boothstown Repair Cafe Part 2

Setting up a Repair Café


For fans of Mornington Crescent

Salford CVS

Boothstown Repair Cafe Part 3

Insurance, constitution, funding. 

Low cost 3D printer

Using and improving an Aldi 3D printer 

Boothstown Businesses Together

Boothstown Businesses Together is a group of local businesses that have come together to add events for the local community.

Boothstown Repair Cafe Part 4

One year old

Upgrading your UPVC door lock

A brief description on how to change your door locks for anti-snap, anti-drill cylinders to increase security. If you can use a tape measure and a screwdriver, you can carry out this upgrade yourself.